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FlightDestination (via)АirlinesDate of flightStatusType of aircraftTerminal
S7-6215Petropavlovsk-KamchaS7 Airlines20 Jan 03:20DepartedAirbus 320 neoD
S7-6203IrkutskS7 Airlines20 Jan 06:15DepartedAirbus 320 neoD
S7-6221Yuzno-SakhalinskS7 Airlines20 Jan 07:05DepartedAirbus 320 neoD
SU-4130Yuzno-SakhalinskAeroflot20 Jan 07:05DepartedAirbus 320 neoD
HZ-5616Petropavlovsk-KamchaAurora Airlines20 Jan 07:20DepartedAirbus 319D
SU-5616Petropavlovsk-KamchaAeroflot20 Jan 07:20DepartedAirbus 319D
HZ-5600KhabarovskAurora Airlines20 Jan 08:00DepartedAirbus 319D
SU-5600KhabarovskAeroflot20 Jan 08:00DepartedAirbus 319D
HZ-517KavalerovoAurora Airlines20 Jan 09:00DepartedDeHavilland6-400D
HZ-523TerneyAurora Airlines20 Jan 09:25DepartedDeHavilland6-400D
SU-1701Moscow/SheremetyevoAeroflot20 Jan 09:20DepartedBoeing 777-300ERD
KC-1504NovosibirskAir Astana20 Jan 08:55DepartedAirbus 321 neo PD
S7-5204NovosibirskS7 Airlines20 Jan 08:55DepartedAirbus 321 neo PD
HZ-5606Yuzno-SakhalinskAurora Airlines20 Jan 12:30DepartedAirbus 319D
SU-5606Yuzno-SakhalinskAeroflot20 Jan 12:30DepartedAirbus 319D
HZ-511DalnegorskAurora Airlines20 Jan 12:55DepartedDeHavilland6-400D
RA-31590ЛазурныйAvialift Vladivostok20 Jan 13:00DepartedКа-27D
(Blagoveschensk, Chita )
IrAero20 Jan 13:55On scheduleSukhoi SuperjetD
SU-1703Moscow/SheremetyevoAeroflot20 Jan 13:50DepartedAirbus 330-300D
(Blagoveschensk, Ulan-Ude )
IrAero20 Jan 15:15DepartedSukhoi SuperjetD
HZ-5602KhabarovskAurora Airlines20 Jan 16:35On scheduleAirbus 319D
SU-5602KhabarovskAeroflot20 Jan 16:35On scheduleAirbus 319D
HZ-5608Yuzno-SakhalinskAurora Airlines20 Jan 19:00On scheduleAirbus 319D
SU-5608Yuzno-SakhalinskAeroflot20 Jan 19:00On scheduleAirbus 319D
R3-492YakutskYakutia Airlines20 Jan 21:10DelayedSukhoiSuperjet 1D
Time of arrival and departure of Vladivostok
«A» – new terminal
«B» – old terminal
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