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Vladivostok International Airport summed up its performance in June and the first half of the year

In June 2017, Vladivostok airport handled more than 200 thousand passengers which is 21 percent more than the same period a year before.

The greatest rates of growth demonstrated international passenger flow, 67 th. persons were handled over the period, the growth rate comprised 46 percent. Passenger flow to Japan increased more than twofold; growth rate for flights to Southeast Asia was +68 percent, +44 percent to China, +39 percent to South Korea.

The greatest contribution to passenger flow growth at the international airlines in June made the flights from Vladivostok to Seoul, Changchun, Harbin, Tokyo, Sanya, Busan, and Shanghai. While the strongest growth rate was observed on flights to Tokyo (+85%), Harbin (+61%) and Phuket (+55%).

The domestic passenger flow grew by 11 percent and comprised more than 133 th. persons. Passenger flow to Moscow increased by 12 percent; the growth rate for flights to the cities of the Far East and Siberia was +8 percent, and the growth on intraregional flights comprised +74 percent.

The leaders among passenger flow growth rate on domestic airlines in June 2017 became the destinations to Blagoveshchensk (the growth is more than tripled), Dalnegorsk (2.5 times growth), and Irkutsk (more than 1.5 times increase).

It should be noted that this year Vladivostok airport has reached a one-million mark in terms of passenger flow on July 09, three weeks earlier than in 2016.  Over six months of 2017 937 th. passengers used the services of Vladivostok airport, which is 18 percent more than the same period of 2016. More than 600 th. passengers (+9 percent) were handled on domestic airlines, 337 th. passengers (+40 percent) at the international destination. Moscow may be distinguished as the destination that provided passenger flow growth on domestic airlines, while Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo on international airlines.

Over the past six months new air carriers appeared in Vladivostok airport - Sichuan Airlines and Saratov Airlines; while Icarus (Pegas Fly) and NordStar resumed the flights. Moreover, new destinations from Vladivostok were successfully opened: Osaka, Sanya, Chongju, Cheju, Komsomolsk-on-Amur.




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According to the results of 2016 Vladivostok International Airport (JSC “VIA”) has become an absolute leader among the airports of the Far East and Eastern Siberia both in terms of international passenger flow and overall direct passenger flow. In 2016 the airport provided services to 1.85 mln passengers.  Its route network includes around 45 routes operated by leading Russian and foreign airlines. The airport is qualified for receiving all aircraft types and holds an ICAO Category II status. The level of comfort in its new terminal with capacity of 3.5 mln passengers corresponds to IATA Standard “C”. Official accounts in social networks: Facebook, Twitter.

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