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Vladivostok international airport: over a million passengers

On the eve of its anniversary, J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» summarizes this year and plans future work.

On the eve of its anniversary, J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» summarizes this year and plans future work.

Since its inception, over a period of 15 February 2008 — 31 December (9 months), the J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» has handled 907 902 passengers. This is 8% more than in the same period last year. In 2008 Vladivostok airport overstepped the one million barrier — reached 1 003 718 passengers. Over the same period, a number of airlines carrying out flights from Vladivostok airport has increased from 12 (10 domestic and 2 foreign) in 2007 to 14 (11 domestic and 3 foreign) in 2008.The total number of flights in this period: 5168, which is 11% more than in 2007.

Net profit after taxes of the J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» over the period was 80 490 thousand rubles. The company has financial security. Realized profit is spent mainly on a repayment to Sberbank and on construction companies for the reconstruction of the domestic air terminal and construction of the international air terminal. J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» and it fulfills all obligations completely and within the established deadlines.

During the period, the J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» has charged and paid 91 million rubles to budget and non-budgetary funds. The company has no tax payment arrears.

The company pursues an open policy regarding airlines operating flights from Vladivostok airport. Unlike most Russian airports and refueling facilities, the J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» does not supply fuel to airlines, but provides only fuel storage and refueling. So airlines have the opportunity to choose suppliers and to cut costs.

Unfortunately, the global financial crisis starts to affect air transportation market. Since November 2008 passenger channel through the Vladivostok airport has declined by 3% to compare with the same period last year. In January 2009 this tendency continues, placing airlines operating in the market in a difficult position, which can affect the activity of the J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport». Setting the budget for 2009, the J.S.C «Vladivostok international airport» had to take into account the global financial crisis’ impact.

As for future activity plans, the most important project will be preparation for 2012 APEC summit.

On the basis of the subprogram «Development of Vladivostok as a center of international cooperation in the Asian-Pacific Region» from the Federal Target Program «Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia till 2013», within preparation for 2012 APEC summit, reconstruction of Vladivostok international airport is planned.

The planned reconstruction should provide services for international passengers and freight traffic to 2028.

This project consists of two parts.

The first one includes: reconstruction of aerodrome pavement, lighting system, apron; construction of new turn-off strips and parking locations. Flight strips and aerodrome pavement are state property and this part of the project is financed from the federal budget. Start of construction work is planned for 2009.

The second part of the project: construction of a new international air terminal, airport land side, access road, parking lots, hotels and infrastructure. This part of the project should be financed through non-budgetary sources. Construction of a new international air terminal should be finished by 2012 APEC summit, it should provide service to a great number of VIP passengers and official delegations.

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