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Vladivostok International Airport named after Vladimir Arsenyev

Vladivostok, December 05, 2018. – Vladivostok International Airport took part in the federal project “Great Names of Russia”. According to voting results, the air harbour of Primorye was named after the explorer of the Far East Vladimir Arsenyev.

The national contest “Great Names of Russia” for naming of the airports after our famous compatriots finished on November 30. For two months the citizens of Russia voted for giving the names of famous people to 47 airports of the country. The residents of Primorye considered the names of well-known military leaders, politicians and scientists who significantly contributed to the development of the region. 

Over 25 thousand of enthusiastic residents were choosing the name for Vladivostok International Airport on the website of the project “Great names of Russia”. The majority of them – 38% - voted for the name of the pathfinder of the Far East Vladimir Arsenyev. 32% of residents decided that the air harbour of Primorye should bear the name of Governor General Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky, 15% of residents of the Primorsky region voted for Anna Shchetinina – the world’s first female captain of ocean vessel, and 13% – for the traveler and explorer Gennady Nevelskoy. It should be noted that the names selected by the Russians will only complement the official designations of the airports.

Let us recall that Vladimir Arsenyev is the Russian traveler, geographer, ethnographer, writer, explorer of the Far East and military Orientalist. He headed a number of path-finding expeditions for exploration of mountain areas of Ussuri land. Arsenyev created the new regional ethnography genre of the Russian science-based fiction. His main books – “Across the Ussuri Kray”, “Dersu Uzala” and “Travels in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains” are filled with love for nature of the Far East, depict both poetically and scientifically the life in taiga and show its brave inhabitants. The name of Vladimir Arsenyev was also memorialized in the names of city (Arsenyev city) and river (the Arsenyevka river) in Primorye.

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