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Vladivostok International Airport is improving the system of passenger service quality control

Vladivostok International Airport is consistently working on the improvement of passenger handling quality. The quality monitoring system used by the airport employees in their work helps to identify weak points in passenger handling, as well as to prevent service quality deterioration.

One of effective tools of quality control is passenger poll using the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) method by Airports Council International (ACI), which permits to evaluate the passenger satisfaction level and to identify the most critical service areas. The polls are taken by the specialists of aviation operations service in four languages – Russian, English, Korean and Chinese. The achieved value of total customer satisfaction with the airport service in 2018 was 3.74. The airport is actively implementing the “Mystery Passenger” program – the program for service and quality assessment through the eyes of a real passenger who makes this assessment in the form of information reports. This year the airport is planning to conduct polls among the airlines representatives twice.

The time of APTM processing procedures is also measured on a constant basis. Since July 2017, such measurements are taken in the entrance, check-in, passport control and preflight inspection areas. Measurements showed presence of qualitative changes. For example, waiting time in the check-in queue declined by 33% as compared to 2017 and is now no more than 20 minutes, while the check-in time also decreased by 30 seconds, and the average waiting time in the preflight inspection queue is now about 34 seconds.

The airport receives a lot of feedback from the customers via its website and customer feedback books. Each fact mentioned in the feedback becomes the object of internal audit with subsequent development of the action plan for elimination of drawbacks resulting in the decrease of service quality level.

The work of the airport employees plays a special role in the service quality assessment. This year, the airport is planning to continue the internal audits of its subdivisions in terms of safety provision and performance of service processing procedures. The audits will address the identification of incorrect operations in passenger handling, control over the employees’ compliance with instructions, technologies and standards of service for elimination of errors and process improvement.

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