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Vladivostok International Airport Has Opened Aviator Classroom in School Under Its Patronage

So far, the Vladivostok International Airport has designed a programme for development of corporative charity. The programme includes provision of assistance to veteran aviators, non-commercial organisations, certain groups of citizens, as well as work with the school under its patronage. The social programme for provision of assistance to pupils of the special boarding school No. 2 under patronage in Artyom city is the main trend in the charitable activity of the air enterprise.

The ceremony of opening the aviator class was timed to the academic year beginning. The all-school assembly and the first demonstration lesson with the participation of airport representatives became bright and memorable impression on the eve of a new academic year. All pupils of the class were granted an honorary title of young aviators: airport corporate ties and commemorative badges were presented to them; in turn, the pupils recited a symbolic swear.

After the all-school assembly, the airport employees conducted a demonstration lesson for the pupils: they talked about aviation history, the development of the Vladivostok International Airport, services of the air harbour and daily routine of the air hub employees.

The next steps in work with the pupils of the aviator class will be guided tours to the airport, as well as special lessons and master classes on topics associated with the airport, planes, aviation professions, and sports events with the participation of airport employees.

Svetlana Pavlenko, Director of the special boarding school:

“We are very glad that the aviator class was opened! With support from and in close cooperation with the airport team we have prepared an interesting and varied education programme and have planned different events. All that will influence positively the development of the children and their future destiny. Thanks so much to the Vladivostok airport for financial and personal participation in the life of our school. All that contributes to improvement of accommodating and upbringing orphaned children.”

It should be pointed out that the help of the air enterprise to the boarding school does not amount to monthly donations, but also includes regular collective social and cultural projects. The airport pays much attention to the little children under its patronage.

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