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Vladivostok International Airport handled over 2 million passengers in 2017

Vladivostok, January 15, 2018. Vladivostok International Airport reports operating activities results over 2017. During the reporting period the airport has handled 2 million 179 thousand passengers which is 18% more than the indicator of 2016.

Domestic passenger traffic has totaled to 1 million 398 thousand passengers (+8%), international passenger traffic has totaled to 781 thousand passengers (+40%).

Passenger traffic increment on the Korean direction has totaled to +44%, on the Chinese one +29%, on the Japanese one +81%. For the first time in Vladivostok International Airport history passenger traffic has risen beyond 2 million passengers.

The biggest contribution to increase of passenger traffic on Russian domestic airlines in 2017 was made by Moscow, Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk, and on international airlines by Seoul, Tokyo and Changchun. The fastest pace of passenger traffic growth on Russian home airlines was demonstrated by Blagoveshchensk (+77%), Krasnodar (+38%) and Khabarovsk (+31%), on international airlines by Changchun (+201%), Shanghai (+103%), Yangtze (+73%), Tokyo (+63%). Over 30 000 residents of Primorye (+40%) took flights on interregional routes in 2017.

In 2017 air companies such as “Sichuan Airlines”, “JEJU Air” and “Saratov Airlines” became new partners of the Primorye air harbor. The airport international route network was supplemented by new directions: Sanya (“NordStar”), Cheongju (“Yakutia”), Osaka (“S7 Airlines”), Ordos (“Ural Airlines”). “Aurora” air company opened a new direction Komsomolsk-on-Amur on Russian domestic airlines.

In 2017 some services offered by the airport to passengers, including an early start of international flights check-in, were improved. International flights handling starts 1 hour earlier than it was stipulated before. A number of shopping and service centers in the terminal was increased. Vladivostok Airport significantly renewed and filled up the auto and special machinery park for aircraft, fly ground handling and rescue support. In September of 2017 Vladivostok International Airport successfully carried out a maintenance program for passengers and aircraft participated in the III Eastern Economic Forum. 

A stable growth of the aviation enterprise indicators and its permanent development have been marked by professional associations. In February of 2017 at the awarding ceremony of the 3rd national premium “Air gates of Russia” the air harbor of Primorye was admitted as a winner in the nomination “Airport of regional significance” (up to 2 million passengers a year). In June of 2017 Vladivostok airport deservedly won in “The best airport of CIS member countries” competition in nomination “Dynamically developing airport”. The competition was organized by the “Airport” association of civil aviation.

Igor Lukishin, director general of Vladivostok International Airport: 

- The airport will continue developing home routes and transfer technologies which will allow residents of the Far East to take comfortable flights on a wide range of foreign routes from the Primorye capital. Work devoted to passengers and air companies handling improvement has been scheduled. It is planned to invest in production development and automation, purchase new equipment and input new services. Flights safety and passengers handling quality still remain top priorities of Vladivostok Airport work.

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