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Vladivostok International Airport celebrated its milestone birthday – the 10th anniversary of the company

Vladivostok, February 16, 2018. – On February 15 Vladivostok International Airport celebrated its milestone birthday – the 10th anniversary of the company. On this day the airport terminal complex hosted the festivities for the passengers and employees of the air harbour.

The first people to share the joy of the festive event were the passengers of Vladivostok airport – an unusual singing flashmob was prepared for them in celebration of the air harbour birthday.

This performance turned utterly unexpected for those present in the terminal complex. The idea was that the entertainers were among the passengers and looked like ordinary air travelers. Suddenly, the music was turned on, and a spectacular theatrical show began. For 15 minutes, everyone’s favourite songs about meetings and partings, flights, skies and airplanes were aired in the terminal. The passengers and visitors to the terminal were heartily singing along and videoing the concert with their mobile phone cameras.

Aleksandr Karpov, passenger of Vladivostok – Seoul flight:

- I was standing in line waiting for the check-in when a bystanding girl started singing the song “I’m flying away”; at first I did not even understand what was going on, thought it was shooting of some musical clip or something. And then I even sang along to the songs loved by everyone. The performers were talented and charismatic. I’ve watched the show to the end and am now flying to Korea in a great mood. My congratulations to the airport on its birthday with wishes of further development!

On the same day, the employees of the airport were invited to the function. The event was dedicated to two festive dates at once – the 95th anniversary of the Russian civil aviation and the 10th anniversary of JSC “Vladivostok International Airport”. 

Director General of the airport Igor Lukishin opened the meeting with welcome address in which he mentioned dynamic development of the airline and its highlights and achievements. For 10 years the airport has served over 15.7 mln. passengers. Passenger flow increased twofold. After the new terminal was put into operation, the area of the air terminal complex grew twofold or even threefold. Knevichi airport is one of the largest airports in the Russian Far East. A new stage of the airport development started with the arrival of new shareholders – international consortium including the Oleg Deripaska’s Basic Element group, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and Changi which changed the nature of the approaches to the airport development and improvement of efficiency of the airport complex as a whole.

Special consideration was given to veteran aviators. The head of the air hub congratulated the veterans on the event and made a point of their inestimable contribution to the development of the air harbour in Primorye.

The best employees of the airline were awarded the commemorative tokens and certificates of appreciation. On that day the warm congratulations for the team of Vladivostok airport were expressed by the representatives of the administrations of Primorsky region, Vladivostok city and Artem city, airlines and partners of the airport.  

During the celebratory concert the well-known on-stage performance groups of the region showed to the airport employees their best turns. Impressive dance routine, favourite songs and verses about aviation, and a movie about life of the airport created solemn and warm atmosphere in the sterile area of domestic airlines where the meeting was held.

Looking back, the history of Vladivostok International Airport began in 2008. On February 15, 2008 Vladivostok Avia OJSC completed the spin-off of JSC “Vladivostok International Airport”. The relevant entry was made in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

Currently, Vladivostok airport takes its rightful place in the transport infrastructure of Russia being a symbol of dynamic development of the Far East. At year-end 2017, Vladivostok International Airport is one of top 20 airports of the country and one of the leading airports of the Far East and Eastern Siberia by passenger flow.

Igor Lukishin, Director General of Vladivostok International Airport:

“Though 10 years is not a long time on a nationwide scale, quite a lot has been done for this period. We have completely reconstructed the infrastructure, put the new terminal into operation, changed the airport operation strategy, developed a variety of the airline’s activities. All those changes are aimed at the creation of a major air hub in Vladivostok with a focus on development of transportation between the Russian and Asia-Pacific cities. I’m proud to say that we are successfully pursuing our aim!”

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