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Vladivostok International Airport – one of the leaders in aviation marketing

Vladivostok, March 20, 2018. - Vladivostok International Airport was honoured with prestigious prize Routes Asia 2018 Marketing Awards as a part of the international air routes development conference Routes Asia 2018 held in Brisbane, Australia. The air harbour of Primorye won in the category “Airport handling up to 4 mln. passengers”.

Vladivostok airport gained credence among international aviation experts for its high achievements in aviation marketing. The representatives of the international aviation community recognized the airport’s distinguished service in the sphere of development of air traffic and interaction with air companies.

The winners were identified based on the results of voting among air companies and branch experts at the international Asian air routes development conference. The prestigious award was given to the officials of Commercial Aviation Department of Vladivostok International Airport in solemn atmosphere at gala dinner in Brisbane City Hall in Brisbane (Australia).

Being awarded with this high prize is the result of meticulous work carried out by the airport during 2017 in concert with Changi Airports International and Basic Element company and aimed at the development of airlines and passenger flow. It also shows how successful the organized cooperation between Vladivostok International Airport and Department of Tourism of Primorsky region is.

Looking back, in 2017 the passenger flow of the air harbour of Primorsky region almost reached 2.2 mln passengers, which is 18% higher than in 2016. During 2017, the representatives of the airport took part in two international conferences and had over 50 meetings with air companies from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other East Asian countries.

The negotiations resulted in the development of cooperation with South Korean air company JEJU Air and launch of flights of this company from Seoul to Vladivostok in September. In May, the Chinese air company Sichuan Airlines came to Vladivostok Airport with flights from Harbin. As a result of the airport’s active interaction with air companies, in 2017 the route network of Vladivostok Airport was completed by new direct regular flights to Osaka (S7 Airlines), Sanya (NordStar), Cheongju  (Yakutia), Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Avrora), Ordos City (Ural Airlines), Shenyang (China Southern).

It should be pointed out that the Routes global forum is a landmark event in the aviation world. The forum is held annually in various countries of the world. Visitors and participants of Routes Asia are the representatives of air companies and airports, national tourism organizations and other travel and avia business figures.  

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