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Vladivostok Airport summed up its operating results for July

Summed pax flow of VIA in July 2011th was 152 thousands people, this is more than 12 per cent higher than pax flow in July 2010th.

During the reporting period 121.5 thousand people were serviced on domestic routes and 30.5 thousand people were serviced on international flights. Comparing with July 2010th the growth rate for these indicators is 6 per cent for domestic flights and 40 per cent for international flights.

The head of commercial department, Ms. Yulia Zabava said: «We are awaiting the «million passenger» for a month earlier than in previous year, nearly to the mid of september if the trend of growth will be continued in future periods.

The number of aircraft sorties over the last year was increased by 18 percent to 594 sorties. The volume of handled maximum takeoff weight was 71.6 tons. Comparing to the same period in 2010th it was increased for 23 percent.

The highest passenger traffic is still fixed on the same directions as it was in the 2010th. These directions are Moscow, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Beijing, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

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