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Vladivostok airport hosting Far Eastern felines

A unique photo exhibition opened in Vladivostok International Airport on the eve of the Tiger Day. It displays Siberian tigers and Amur leopards ranking among the world’s rarest cats.

This event has been co-sponsored by JSC “Vladivostok International Airport”, “Amur Tiger Centre”, “Far Eastern Leopards” Autonomous Non-Profit Organization as well as well-known Russian and foreign animal photographers.
The Far East’s live symbols, majestic tigers and leopards are displayed on fourteen photographs exhibited at the airport’s arrival area. Their authors are real connoisseurs of “photo hunting art” – Vasily Solkin, unequalled story teller, publisher, photographer and author of excellent documentaries about Siberian tiger and Amur leopard; Svetlana Sutyrina, Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve deputy director in charge of scientific studies; Anatoly Boyarinov, 78-year-old forest pathologist who has devoted his life to taiga conservation; and others.
- The airport of Vladivostok is a popular site for various art projects improving passengers’ mood when they wait for their flights. Photo exhibitions displaying Primorsky region’s flora and fauna arouse much interest in our air travelers, says Olesya Mitsai, JSC “VIA” Public Relations Manager. – We are very glad that during several years our airport has been working jointly with public and governmental organizations to raise awareness of our region’s unique nature among Primorsky region residents and guests.
It is worth reminding that Vladivostok International Airport actively supports programs on rare animal protection. It participates in social events of this kind raising awareness among the general public of problems relating to conservation of rare feline species – Siberian tiger and Amur leopard. Since 2013, JSC “VIA” has been cooperating with “Amur Tiger Centre”, “Land of the Leopard” and “Nature” Fund through organizing subject-matter photo exhibitions on the airport’s premises.
Today’s Tiger Day festivities were marked in the airport by arrival of the “Tiger Flight” operated by Rossiya Airlines. A two-deck Boeing 747-400 with a tiger face painted on its nose landed in Vladivostok on September 25, 2016.



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