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Vladimir Putin: “Free-Port Vladivostok will become a flexible mechanism for investing to the Far Eastern Federal District”

Free-Port Vladivostok will become a flexible mechanism for investing to Russian Far East. It was announced today, June 19, by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the course of the plenary session of the Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevskiy takes part in it.

Today the Free-Port bill has been reviewed in the first reading by the State Duma. President of the Nation also noted the importance of the document.

This document also affects all key ports of the Primorsky Territory from Zarubino to Nakhodka and 13 regions, where live 75 per cent of all population of the region. Free-Port residents will gain wide preferences – there are not only tax benefits but also simplified visa regime, establishing of free customs zone, simplified control procedures in the border” – he stressed.

The Head of the Nation Vladimir Putin also paid attention to establishing of free and comfortable environment for capitals and industries placing in the Far East.

Investors will gain unique opportunities for work in Russian market, and it is more important, it is profitable start place for direct entrance to receptive developing Asia-Pacific market. Even now in the Far East are creating territories of advanced economic growth with the whole complex of tax and other preferences, start a system of state support for big investment projects, and at the same time we are ready to offer more flexible and advanced mechanisms” – the President stressed.

Remind that the proposal to provide Free-Port status with attractive, simplified customs regime to Vladivostok had been sounded by the President in his Address to the Federal Assembly in December 2014.

According to the Governor of the region Vladimir Miklushevskiy, the Free-Port in Primorye will compete with the existing regimes in Asia-Pacific.

The Bill had been developed with the help of a big number of experts, businessmen, it total about 750 people discussed this Bill. I bless our colleagues from the Ministry for the Far East Development, because from one side – we work inventively over this issue, but from other side – provided a wide discussion of the Bill, and this fact made it good. We tried to use the best practices of so called “Asian tigers”. So, I will speak with cautious optimism, but I think that we can compete with them” – the Head of the region stressed during the meeting woth the participants of the II Far Eastern MediaSummit.

Law on the Territories of Advanced Economic Growth provides mechanisms of significant reduction of tax and administrative burdens for the residents of the territories. The Governmental Commission approved two sites for creation in Primorye – TAEG “Nadezhdinskaya” and TAEG “Mikhailovskaya”. 

19.06.2015, Primorsky.ru

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