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"VIA" JSC announces the results of AGM

On June 24, 2011 the annual general meeting of shareholders of the «Vladivostok International Airport» JSC has been held.

On June 24, 2011 the annual general meeting of shareholders of the «Vladivostok International Airport» JSC has been held. The shareholders approved the annual report, annual financial statements according to results of financial and economic activity in the year of 2010.

The meeting endorsed the recommendations of the Board of Directors of «VIA» JSC on the net profit distribution derived from operating results in 2010. In particular, it has been made the decision of dividends payment to the shareholders of the Company and the direction of funds to finance the investment program of the «VIA» JSC, and social benefits and guarantees provided by the company’s collective bargaining agreement.

The size of dividend in charged on one ordinary share in the year of 2010 will be 0.0856 rubles. The total amount of paid dividends is 45 million rubles.

In addition, shareholders had elected the Board of Directors and Audit Committee. The Board of Directors consists of:
Mikhail Vasilenko, «SVO» JSC, Director General.
Grechukhin Igor, «SVO» JSC, Deputy Director General, Corporate and Regional Development.
Drozhzheva Natalia, «SVO» JSC, Deputy Director General for Economy and Finance.
Gorobtsova Svetlana, «SVO» JSC, Director for Legal Affairs.
Sytnik Anatoly Ivanovich, «Aero Gruz» Ltd., Derector General.
Katashonov Alexey, «Vladivostok Air» JSC, Deputy Director General for Strategic Development.
Basiuk Konstantin, «Quartz-Invest» company, representative.

The Audit Commission consist of:
Blinova Olesya Nikolayevna, «SVO» JSC, Head of investment management for corporate finance and investment.
Kamenskaya Natalia, «SVO» JSC, Head of Planning and Analysis Department of the economic services.
Sirbu Vasilisa Sergeevna, «SVO» JSC, Head of the prospective projects service of the corporate ownership, Direction of the corporate and regional development.
Bakunov Victor Mikhailovich, «Vladivostok Air» JSC, Deputy Director General for the ground handling services.
Gumilev Alexander, «Quartz-Invest» company, representative.

The «Dalaudit» audit firm has been elected as a Company’s auditor for the year of 2011.

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