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At the Vladivostok airport there was first-served test mode transit flight

At the Vladivostok airport there was first-served test mode transit flight the 20-th of June 2012, in the Terminal “A” the International Airport Vladivostok and served in a test mode transit flight number 3509 airline S7 Airlines, traveling from Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The test method was successful.

Today, the 20-th of June 2012 in the Terminal A International Airport Vladivostok was accepted and served test mode, a transit flight number 3509 airline S7 Airlines (Siberia), following the route Novosibirsk-Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The plane arrived at 10:17 local time, set out - at 11: 40. The test method was successful.

Among the positive results of the test is the reduction of service time of the aircraft for almost an hour, it can be possible through by using air bridges and a new baggage system.

- Unlike the first test flight, which we have taken he 1-st of June, today's flight was much more difficult at the organization: our objective was testing of all systems, equipment and technologies involved in the full cycle of maintenance of aircraft and passengers - said General Director of JSC "MAV "Maxim Chetverikov.
The test verified the work of security, registration, grading and inspection of baggage, motor communication between Vladivostok, Artem, and a new airport.

The total loading of the aircraft on the flight was 103 passengers, among them - 52 out of Vladivostok, 51 - transit passengers.

- I like airport very much! It is very spacious, light! Sterile zone is successfully designed:  in its entire length - a huge stained-glass window overlooking the airfield. Interestingly expected departure, watching takeoffs and landings. I even took a few photos – to show my family from Sakhalin - commented Oksana from Novosibirsk.

Recall transfer flights  service to Terminal A will begin in July and will last two or three weeks. At the moment in the airport terminal completed work on the improvement of the station square, the terminal is commissioning redundant technology systems for various purposes.

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