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Record breaking passenger flow in Vladivostok airport in August

By results of August 2016, total passenger flow handled by the Vladivostok airport amounted to a record high of 217,000 people which is 9% more than a year ago. The number of passengers carried by international lines in August was also a record high reaching 68,000 people which is 29% more than in 2015.

For the first time ever, the airport’s monthly passenger flow totaled 217,300 people. Growth was registered primarily in international routes. A record high number of passengers – 68,000 people – departed from Russia through the airport of Vladivostok in August which is a 29-% increase on the preceding year. Leaders in terms of growth in international lines were the following routes: – Vladivostok – Beijing (+72%), Vladivostok – Busan (+25%), Vladivostok – Seoul (+17%).
The domestic passenger flow remained at the last year’s level and totaled 149,000 people which is a 1-% increase on the preceding year. The bulk of growth was generated in routes bound to Novosibirsk (+22%), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (+12%), Khabarovsk (+19%). The highest dynamic was registered for routes bound to Krasnodar (+22%), Chita (+16%), Yekaterinburg (+16%).
A positive dynamic of passenger flows is maintained in intra-regional routes. Flights from Vladivostok to Kavalerovo, Terney, Plastun are the most popular.
The Vladivostok airport fixed record-high values of its other performance indicators as well in August. Its daily passenger flow as of August 31, 2016 was 8,300 people which is 44% more than the same period in 2015 when it handled 5,800 passengers.
Such high passenger flow was registered on the peak day of arrivals to the II Eastern Economic Forum. The airport’s previous record was fixed on August 12, 2016 when it handled 7,900 passengers.
Such high figures were reached in connection with conduction of the II Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. In total, the airport performed 473 takeoff/landing operations during August 31 – September 05, of which arrivals and departures were 241 and 232 respectively.
It is worth reminding that a flight to Moscow operated by VIM Airlines re-opened in August. As for international routes, Tianjin Airlines increased the number of its flights to Tianjin and China Eastern Airlines also increased the number of its flights to Jinan in August.
Following the results of 8 months of 2016, the airport of Vladivostok handled 1,215,000 passengers. Its total passenger flow has grown by 6% in comparison with the same period a year ago. Domestic routes carried 845,000 people and international routes carried 370,000 people or 23% more during 8 months.



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