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Officials and Delegations Room Is Opened at Vladivostok International Airport

The Officials and Delegations Room was opened at Vladivostok International Airport on July 26. Directors of FGUP President Service and Vladivostok International Airport were present at the opening. As a part of the opening ceremony, the representatives of the companies cut the red ribbon symbolising the beginning of operation for the new room.

Those who have been approved by a decree of the RF President will be attended in the room. The Officials and Delegations Room in the Vladivostok International Airport will provide comfortable conditions of work and rest while waiting for flights: safety measures, passport and customs control lanes, luggage accompanying and delivery, transport and information services.

Opening of the Officials and Delegations Room is highly relevant on the eve of the Eastern Economic Forum. Every year the Vladivostok airport receives official delegations coming to the Forum among which are state chief executives, diplomats, officials and representatives of security agencies.

The Officials and Delegations Room will provide them with additional comforts and safety while waiting for a flight and passing through all preflight procedures in the air harbour of Primorye.

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