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Vladivostok Airport operation at the 2012 APEC meeting was evaluated as highly efficient

Vladivostok Airport has completed its aircraft servicing schedule at the 2012 APEC meeting. It included pick-ups, ground handling and take-offs of passenger and government airliners and air freighters from August 22 to September 10, 2012. Scheduled domestic and international flights have been handled at the same time. In total Vladivostok International Airport JSC has handled 894 takeoffs and landings, and with it 279 takeoffs and landings from September 6 to September 10. The average daily number of takeoffs and landings has increased from 35 to 59.

 Director General and CEO of  Vladivostok  International Airport JSC Maksim Chetverikov who was supervising  the Ground Dispatch Center and  coordinating ground airport divisions operation at arrivals and departures of government  aircraft stated: “The Airport staff has faultlessly got through the assigned mission. We have acquired the experience of  servicing  for a few government aircraft in a simultaneous mode. There were standard operations  different from national civil aviation standards in use  and they belong to  essential requirements for pick-ups and take -offs of foreign government aircraft. The airport team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, responsibility and commitment that was noted by the state leader and the Federal Air Transport Agency.

The peak aircraft pick-up time at the aircraft stands designated for official visits was 15 minutes.

At the same time scheduled  and unscheduled  flights have been handled at Terminal B. The  operation in a simultaneous mode in both Terminals A and B has required    staff twice as much,   complete involvement of  airside vehicles and other means of transport at their maximum of efficiency use.

The throughput capacity of Terminal B is known to be rather limited thus causing lower level of passenger servicing quality. The Airport staff  have done their best to minimize any inconvenience caused: Baggage Claim areas were furnished with comfortable seats and water dispensers were installed there. Snacks were on sale in Seating areas,  the most vulnerable areas in customer handling system were under special control. In order to optimize the servicing load at Terminal B the arriving regular international flights at Terminal A have been  serviced in a hi-tech mode.

Maksim Chetverikov noted: “The taken measures  resulted in a high operation level. The reception of foreign delegations did not influence the passengers handling at all. However, on behalf of the Airport staff  I would like to express our gratitude to all arriving and departing passengers for their awareness of the situation.”

 We would like to remind everyone of the resumption of all  scheduled  and unscheduled  flights servicing at Terminal A since September 11,2012.

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