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JSC «VIA» commits 50% of net profit in 2010 for dividend pay

JSC «Vladivostok International Airport» (JSC «VIA») announces completion of dividend payment.

JSC «Vladivostok International Airport» (JSC «VIA») announces completion of dividend payment.

Total volume of dividend payment has been 45 million rubles, which makes 50% of company net profit in 2010. Volume of funds committed on dividend payment to stockholders is 3.5 times up on last year.

By the end of 2010 the dividend is 0.0856 ruble of accrued common stock.

We will remind of the decision of the annual meeting of the stockholders to finance investment program and social benefits and guaranties, stipulated by the Company collective treaty after the payment of all dividends.


Authorized capital of JSC «Vladivostok International Airport» is 5 255 808.84 rubles. Authorized capital of Company is divided on 525 580 884 common stock, par value is 1 (one) kopeck. The majority stockholders is JSC «Sheremetyevo International Airport» (52.16% of stocks), Private Company «Kvarts-Invest» (16.8% of stock), Far Eastern Insurance Stock Company «Dask» (12.4% of stock), LLC «Air Cargo» (5.9% of stock).

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