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It is safe to fly with us

Vladivostok International Airport increases security.

Vladivostok International Airport increases security.

The new management of the airport pays great attention to aviation and anti-terrorist security.

For three months since the appointment of Maxim Chetverikov as managing director, changes in aviation security issues have taken place: management reshuffling in airport security service, staff increase.

We’ve already bought a metal detector and three endoscopes to create a customs inspection station at the international air terminal, ordered special posters with a full list of dangerous substances and items that are prohibited for air travel.

According to federal aviation rules, a 50-meter security barrier was built on the airport land side. Building a fencing ramp to separate airport services and sterile areas is planning.

Special attention is given to work with the Aviation Security Service staff — an initial training of staff without certificates was held in May. New employees of the Aviation Security Service are interviewed by our psychologist.

By increasing the security, Vladivostok International Airport strives to maximize the quality and reliability of its ground handling operations and passenger service.

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