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International passenger flow in Vladivostok airport grew by 7%

By results of Q1 2014, total passenger flow in Vladivostok airport amounted to 397,000 people which is 2% more than a year ago. The number of international passengers handled during the first three months of this year has grown by 7% and reached 138,000 people.

It should be noted that quantitative performance indicators of JSC “VIA” remain positive despite a significant reduction of its throughput capacity caused by cancellation of a number of international flights by the United Far Eastern Airlines and 15-% reduction of passenger seat capacity of its airplanes.

The percentage of Vladivostok Air and SAT in the airport’s total passenger flow in Q1 2013 was 30%. The percentage of Aurora Airlines, a successor of the status of main air carrier and routes of Vladivostok Air and SAT, decreased to 24% in Q1 2014.

The number of flights performed by the air carrier reduced by 25% as it has operated no flights to Tokyo, Beijing and Harbin since November.

At the same time, the passenger air flow to Seoul on flights handled by Asiana, Korean Air and Aurora Airlines has significantly grown. 19% more passengers were carried on the route Vladivostok – Seoul – Vladivostok in Q1 2014 than a year ago.

A positive dynamic is observed on tourism routes to Southeast Asia including new charter flights to Manila, Guam, Krabi as well as traditional flights to Phuket, Bangkok, Saipan, Nha Trang. Total growth on these routes is 36% on the preceding year.

Another evidence of active growth in the passenger sector is growing passenger flows from Vladivostok on main Far Eastern and Siberian routes: Krasnoyarsk – 38%, Yakutsk – 36%, Irkutsk – 20%, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – 19%, Khabarovsk – 10%.

The above trends reflect more intensive regular traffic between key hubs of East Asia and Far Eastern and Siberian cities as well as creation of conditions for consolidation and distribution via Vladivostok of passenger flows on international Asian and Russian routes.

It is worth reminding that there are plans to launch in summer new flights to Beijing, charter flights to Naha (Okinawa Island) and Yangyang in South Korea. As for domestic flights, a service between Vladivostok and Chita will be opened.

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