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For the first time ever Vladivostok International Airport served one million passengers on international routes

Vladivostok, November 13, 2018. – Vladivostok International Airport reports on exceeding its all-time high – one million passengers in the international airlines since the start of 2018. The share of the airport’s international traffic may reach 44% at year-end 2018.

On November 09, 2018, Vladivostok International Airport for the first time ever served one million passengers in the international destinations since the start of the year. The mark of one million passengers was surpassed due to this-year one-and-a-half times increase in the international passenger flow. This high rate of growth was mostly based on the increased demand for tourist trips to Vladivostok from the population of East Asian countries, as well as more frequent flights and opening of new destinations.

The major growth was attributed to the flights from Vladivostok to the Republic of Korea – for 10 months of 2018 the passenger flow on the South Korean destinations grew by 78% from last year. Since the beginning of 2018, Vladivostok saw three new South Korean carriers – T’way Air, Eastarjet and Air Busan, which launched flights to Seoul and Busan, as well as a new destination – Daegu. In addition, JEJU air, Korean Airlines, S7 Airlines and Avrora airline have significantly expanded their capacity on the route Vladivostok – Seoul, and Yakutia airline started new flights on the route Vladivostok –  Muan.

Vladivostok airport was also able to reach steady growth on the Chinese (+16%) and Japanese (+12%) destinations as a result of more frequent flights of Avrora, S7 Airlines and Ural Airlines. A new Chinese carrier China Express fulfilled the operations program on the new destination Qiqihar – Vladivostok, and Uzbekistan Airways airline introduced the regular flight on the route Vladivostok – Tashkent.

During summer months the number of flights handled by Vladivostok airport was as high as 20 departures per day, including over 10 flights to South Korea and about 5 flights to China each day. In total, Vladivostok is connected by regular flights with over 25 foreign airports, 10 of which are located in China, 6 – in South Korea and 2 – in Japan.

The air harbour of Primorye is continuously working on the development of operational and service components. To create more comfortable conditions for passengers, this year it put into operation the transit zone which allows the passengers of domestic and international flights using Vladivostok airport for boarding the connecting flights to pass the check-in procedure for the next flight without leaving the sterile area and collection of luggage. No Russian visa is required for foreign nationals using the transfer zone.

Vladivostok airport has been a stable leader among the airports of the Far East and Eastern Siberia in terms of international passenger traffic. According to forecasts, until the end of 2018 Vladivostok International Airport will handle over 1.1 mln passengers in the international airlines, with share of international passengers reaching 43-44% of the total passenger flow.

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