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Airport summed up results on meeting EEF guests and participants

The Vladivostok International Airport (JSC “VIA”) has completed its program on handling aircrafts serving the II Eastern Economic Forum. This program included receiving, handling services and dispatching of business jets, regular and special flights during August 31 – September 05, 2016.

It should be noted that, in parallel with preparations for and conduction of the II Eastern Economic Forum, the airport continued its program on serving regular domestic and international flights.

Total passenger flow in Vladivostok Airport during August 31 – September 05, 2016 was 42,633 people which is a 11-% increase on the preceding year. The airport handled an average of 7,100 passengers per day in the reporting period.

The airport handled 551,729 kg of baggage in these days, of which 260,807 kg arrived in Vladivostok and 290,922 kg was dispatched from the airport. This figure grew by 11% on these days in 2015.

In total, 437 takeoff/landing operations were performed during August 31 – September 05, of which arrivals and departures were 241 and 232 respectively.

A peak day of arrivals of EEF-2016 participants and guests was August 31 when the airport handled a record high number of passengers – 8,300 people. Its previous record high was registered by JSC “VIA” on August 12, 2016 when Vladivostok Airport handled 7,900 travelers.

A maximum number of received and dispatched flights was registered in the airport on September 03, 2016 when it served 113 aircrafts of which 75 ones were business jets.

Vladivostok International Airport has successfully met participants and guests of the Eastern Economic Forum. We were facing a large-scale task of serving flights carrying heads of states and official delegations concurrently with regular flights. Due to well-organized teamwork and high level of interfacing with all governmental bodies during the preparatory period, we have successfully accomplished this task, - says Igor Lukishin, JSC “VIA” director general.

Airport staff performance was highly praised by representatives of various parties including media. The members of the EEF Organizing Committee also noted that services were adequate and the airport performed well under a high load.

We remind that in this year Vladivostok Airport was serving the forum’s guests for the second time. Owing to its experience in serving governmental delegations during the APEC summit meeting in 2012 and the Eastern Economic Forum in 2015, Vladivostok airport has successfully organized meeting and leaving procedures for the participants and guests of the II Eastern Economic Forum.



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