friday, 10 july 2020
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Vladivostok Airport passes on to a winter period schedule

Winter period schedule starts operationg from October 28 th.In a new winter period domestic and international flights are run in more than 30 destinations.

Four Moscow-bound   flights on widebodied aircraft are run  daily (three of them are operated by Aeroflot Rusian Airlines to Sheremetyovo as destination airport and  one flight by Transaero Airlines to Domodedovo Airport). That  number of  daily flights allows air travelers to  choose the most convenient departure and arrival times.

S7 Airlines increases the frequency of regular flights from Vladivostok to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk  up to 6 flights a week.

Urals Airlines continues operating on flights frosm Vladivostok via Krasnoyarsk to Saint Petersburg  that has been operated successfully since summer period 2012.

Yakutia Airlines lunches a weekly flight from Vladivostok via Yekaterinburg to Krasnodar from October 29 th.

Vladivostok Air renews its flights from Vladivostok to Blagoveshchensk.

Asiana Airlines starts operating at Primorie civil  aviation market from November 16th with  a new   daily flight to Seoul performed on Airbus A321.

To improve customer satisfaction level S7 Airlines  launches a third  weekly flight to Hong Kong  with the flight frequency   increase up to 5 flights a week.

This winter residents and visitors of Primorie are able to fly on non-stop flights to Saipan thanks to launching a weekly chartered flight by Vladivostok Air from October 25th. Flights are performed on Airbus 320 on Thurdays.

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