sunday, 12 july 2020
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Vladivostok Airport is ready to commence fall-and-winter operation period

Vladivostok Airport has completed its preparations for the upcoming fall-and-winter operation period. All key divisions from the Airport operation sector have been involved into the preparation process.

A  set of actions for the company' s  preparedness for fall-and-winter operation period  had been considered carefully and in detail for each Airport operation sector division. The staff from the key divisions  involved into the Airport operation process has been instructed on the specific features of operation in winter period followed by credits  taken by an admission committee. The Airport divisions have completed winter period preparatory maintenance of airport vehicles and mechanization means, have tested   all the airside vehicles in the operational mode and their  maintenance readiness.   A required quantity of Clearway reagent has been stored for the airside artificial surfacing processing. A special attention has been paid to testing of deicers. For this purpose Vladivostok Airport maintains a deicer used for antiicing processing of aircraft.  Due to a wide spraying of a chemical liquid the aircraft body gets ready for take off within 6 to 9 minutes.This time span is enough to   ensure regular airport operation in the upcoming winter  independently on the weather conditions.

Head  of  Aviation  Safety  Inspection  Group    Aleksandr         Abelentsev commented upon the preparations for the fall-winter period, that the whole preparation process of all aviation enterprises is under control of superior  departments including the state leaders, Federal Air Transport Agency and Federal Agency for Transport Supervision. Our Company has prepared for the fall-and-winter period in good time and in a high-quality mode.

The recently set up  coordination committee was supervising the whole preparation process  of terms and quality level.

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