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A photo exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Aeroflot air company opened in Vladivostok International Airport

Vladivostok, March 21, 2018. – Vladivostok International Airport announces opening of the exhibition project dedicated to the anniversary of Aeroflot air company. The unusual art project was inaugurated in the check-in area on the ground floor of air terminal complex and specially timed to coincide with the memorable date – the 95th birthday of the air carrier.

The exhibition of best works of the Far Eastern photo artists and air spotters was named “Aeroflot – 95 years with you”. The photos show the airplanes of the air company in the sky and on the ground, infrastructure, air crews and aircraft ground service technicians. All photos are taken in Vladivostok International Airport.

Photo shooting of aircrafts is very popular among photographers and air spotters of Primorsky region. Press Service of the air harbour receives a lot of requests for participation in aircraft spotting, and those who get the right to go to the apron will take the prized photos. The Aeroflot photo exhibition includes the best selected photos made by air spotters. Another distinctive feature of this display became a model of passenger aircraft Boeing-777-300 which attracted undivided attention of the visitors and passengers of the airport.  

Oksana Voykina, visitor of photo exhibition:

- Early this morning we came to the airport to see off our relatives leaving for vacation. These photos are so vivid and bright, they show the beauty of our native land as well as the strength of “steel birds”! And the girls wearing uniforms – so young, so beautiful, so smiling and so airy and lissom! I at once felt like walking and smiling like this to the people around! Thank you for cheering me up for the whole day!

The air travelers at Vladivostok Airport were also congratulated on the air carrier’s birthday. The representatives of Aeroflot honoured the passengers of the flights who checked in for Vladivostok – Moscow flights under the number 95.  As a souvenir, the passengers received the models of aircrafts and unique china single tea sets, as well as service in business lounge of the airport free of charge.

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