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At the airport of Vladivostok various options available parking. On the other hand are a paid airport parking, and free parking.

Paid parking for cars area 3877 m ². The company is responsible for the safety of vehicles carrying paying for parking.

Free parking for passenger service vehicle area 3048, m2. At the site is located vehicles belonging to public authorities, the operational staff of law enforcement agencies, customs officials, immigration officers, MES, the PS of the FSB, Min. Defense, the STI, the Foreign Ministry and other state-owned enterprises and agencies whose employees arrived for the performance of their duties on the service vehicles. For vehicles that are exempt from the payment for parking of vehicles on the forecourt, the company is not responsible.

On April 1, 2011 free parking at the PPC-1 is used for the personal transport of airport employees and employees of operating companies that operate at the airport. For other categories of transport is provided free parking located in front of the dispensary flight crews.

In accordimg with Federal Aviation Regulations and the rules of the road parking in the area of ​​transport security marked rails, allowed no more than 5 minutes for boarding / disembarking passengers and loading / unloading their luggage.

Maintenance of public order and enforcement SDA shall LOVD airport workers and employees of traffic police, the Artema, located on the forecourt.

Point of entry and exit of vehicles on the airport operates around the clock. Drivers of vehicles approaching the point of entry to 3 lanes, pre-warned of the need to stop at the point (red light, stop line, a road sign). After a stop at the open window of the module, the driver receives from the Comptroller-teller card with a bar — code, which specifies the time and date of entry, the name of the airline and the warning «Keep to the exit." After receiving the pass driver, controller, clerk opens the gate for the passage of the vehicle. The consumer has the right to require preparation of an act, which contains information about the presentation and the completeness of the car. Act shall be signed by the parties. Drivers of vehicles after receiving the pass follow in their areas.

Transportation vehicles outside organizations on the territory controlled by JSC «Vladivostok International Airport» is a pass aviation security services.

Services for personal parking buses and taxis are paid on common grounds.

Payment for parking is at the exit from the controlled area. The driver takes the ticket with a bar code inspector, clerk, who makes it to scan and display «Time to pay» values are displayed time finding the car in the parking lot and the amount you must pay for parking. Scanner data are transmitted to the control computer. Controller-cashier accepts payment from the client, checks the authenticity of banknotes-detector-client bills, check for beats CMC, indicating the date and time of payment, name of service and value, giving it to the client, makes a final settlement with the client, lifts and automatic barrier produces a car.

In case of delay in the movement of flights, baggage claim, consumers of services parking on the forecourt have the right to contact the administrator of the terminal to mark the time delay on the ticket with a bar code, or relocate the vehicle to free parking just 100 meters from the station square. When handling is necessary to present a passport and ticket. In the presence of a mark on the delay time of preferential parking of vehicles increased by 20 minutes.

In the event of conflict between the driver and supervisor-clerk, the latter shall immediately notify the senior controller-tellerand call a policeman to investigate the causes of the conflict, as well as take measures to release travel of vehicles.

If you lose or damage pass with a barcode driver senior controller-teller with the traffic police officer or the OPPS is an act on the fact of loss of or damage to the bar code. Services provided for parking of vehicles is paid at a rate of 2000 rubles.

When you receive a message from the driver about the loss (theft), motor vehicle from the station square, SeniorController-cashier (or clerk-controller) is required to provide information to the traffic police and the city of Artem LOVD Vladivostok airport, fix the name has addressed the treatment and time, to check the documents for the car, followed by drawing up a protocol for operational investigative activities by the police.

Of fees for parking of vehicles upon presentation of the relevant document, released the following categories of citizens, organizations and businesses:

  • people with disabilities in violation of the musculoskeletal system in cars with manual control;
  • WWII participants;
  • Heroes of Russia, the Soviet Union.
  • persons with missing service airport service;
  • Operations of security forces on duty (MVD, FSB, FSO, labial, traffic police, investigators, investigators, prosecutors and the judiciary);
  • employees of public authorities of the Russian Federation and the Primorsky Krai, the chief federal inspector in the presidential envoy in the performance of their duties on the service vehicles;
  • Emergency Situations Ministry, PS FSB, SCC, ambulance, fire brigade in the performance of their duties on the service vehicles;
  • buses municipal transport companies, moving on a fixed route with a stop point «Airport»;
  • vehicle with a cargo of «200» and the person accompanying him.

For vehicles that are exempt from the payment for parking of vehicles on the forecourt and the adjacent territory, the company is not responsible.

Cost of parking services in the forecourt
JSC «Vladivostok International Airport»

Parking Tariffs:

Service Unit Price, rubles
Tariff for motor vehicle parking for 20 minutes or less (Parking lot А), (Parking lot D)   free
Tariff for motor vehicle parking for 20 – 30 minutes (Parking lot А), (Parking lot D)

rubles / one motor vehicle

Tariff for motor vehicle parking for every 30 minutes thereafter (Parking lot А), (Parking lot D) rubles / one motor vehicle 150.00
Tariff for motor vehicle parking for more than 3 hours, calculation time is 00.00 h. every day (Parking lot А), (Parking lot D) rubles / one motor vehicle 1 000.00
Tariff for parking in the twenty-four-hour secured parking lot within forecourt of JSC “Vladivostok International Airport” Terminal “A”. rubles / one motor vehicle 500.00
Tariff for paid parking (forecourt) access card issue for other individuals and companies (for 1 month) rubles / month 9 900.00
Tariff for paid parking (forecourt) access card issue for other individuals and companies (for 6 months) rubles / 6 months 48 000.00
Tariff for paid parking (forecourt) access card issue for other individuals and companies (for 1 year) rubles / year 80 000.00
Fee for parking access card recovery rubles / service 1 000.00

There are alternative parking lot.
After the payment demand cash check.

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