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The sanitary and quarantine control

Sanitary and Quarantine Inspection  at Vladivostok International Airport

Sanitary and quarantine inspection at Vladivostok International Airport is under  responsibility of authorities  of Primorski Krai Regional branch of the National Consumer Inspection in order to prevent import to the territory of the Customs Union and spread on the territory of the Customs Union dangerous infections and massive non-infectious diseases (poisonings) potentially dangerous for the population, import of potentially dangerous human-harmful goods (products and cargo) that do not comply with the standards of sanitary,  epidemiology and hygienic requirements of member states of  the Customs Union.

Documents regulating sanitary and quarantine inspection procedure:

  • The decision of the Commission of the Customs Union # 299 dated  28 May 2010 “      On Usage of sanitary measures  in the  Customs Union.
  • Act of the Government of the Russian Federation # 500 dated June 29 2011. “ On confirmation of Rules of sanitary quarantine inspection at border check points across the state border of the Russian Federation. ”
  • Regulations on implementation of the Federal Division's for Inspection of Consumers' rights protection  and well-being (security)  functions of  sanitary quarantine inspection  at  border check points on  the Russian  territory of the outer border of the Customs Union confirmed by the Order # 218n dated  March 12, 2012 issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Sanitary and Quarantine Inspection check point provides information on issues concerning:

  • countries with unfavorable situation on  infectious diseases demanding preventive measures on sanitary guard on the territory of the Customs Union and vaccination ;
  • vaccination terms;
  • documents needed for export/ import of goods;
  • the  authority  issuing   documents needed for export/import of goods.

Primorski Krai Regional branch of the National Consumer Inspection

Address: 3 Selskaia St. Vladivostok, 690950 Primorski Krai
Tel.: +7 (423) 244-25-72
E-mail: pkrpn@pkrpn.ru
Site: http://25.rospotrebnadzor.ru/

Sanitary and Quarantine Inspection check point at Vladivostok International Airport

41 Portovaia St. Artem, 692756  Primorski Krai (in the 7-story building of Aircraft  Crew Medical Center, office 213)
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