friday, 22 january 2021
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The branch of "Aerofuels Kamchatka"

Ltd. "Aerofuels Kamchatka" is a part of a group of companies "Aerofuels" provides the needs of aviation fuel in the aircraft at the Vladivostok airport.
The goal of the company's software also includes a reception, storage, quality control and training of aviation fuel and lubricants and special liquids for fueling aircraft and helicopters as a regular service, and transit, in full compliance with all requirements and orders of the State Civil Aviation Service of the Russian Federation.

Mailing address: 692760, Primorsky Krai, Artem Str. Utkinskaya, 20
Phone: +7 (423) 230-73-65
Website: http://www.aerofuels.ru/
E-mail: vladivostok@aerofuels.ru

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