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Corporate values

The mission of JSC «Vladivostok International Airport»:
We makes achievable any point of the world by providing flights, we creating an atmosphere of comfort and stability in cause that our aviation hub was attractive for each traveler.

Everything is achievable!

Corporate values of «Vladivostok International Airport»:

  • We provide a safety, high quality service and comfort for passengers.
  • We provide equal treatment for airlines and guarantee high quality services.
  • We appreciate the stability of the business of our partners. Together we can realize the most daring and ambitious projects.
  • Our responsible and effective work adds value to business, and transparency of the organization provides the confidence of shareholders.
  • We value individual achievement and reward employee contributions of each to the cause.
  • We — the team working on a single result.
  • We are constantly improving in order to achieve a high level of professionalism.
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